Terms & conditions, policies of reservations and services


Basic conditions

Reservations and purchases are managed by chillhostel.cl or chill-atacama.com in conjunction with its service providers (tour operators, hotels, transportation and other services.) The current rates and conditions may vary without prior notice and are exclusive responsibility of the service provider.

Rates and Taxes

Our accommodation, rates, as a reference way mode, could be expressed in different currencies and do not include taxes, but only Chilean pesos or USD would be respected. Tourists not resident in Chile do not pay taxes, if they pay their reservations in American Dollars whenever the lodging allows it, the payment must be made in cash in excellent conditions. Damaged and old tickets will not be accepted.

Residents in Chile (Chilean or foreingher) must pay 19% in VAT tax. (the right of non tax payment, is reserved only for passangers with a visa of tourism, max 3 months)

For tours and excursions, the values ​​expressed in our website are all subject to VAT 19%, payment are accepeted only in USD or Chilean pesos.

Payment methods

1.- Deposit in current account:

Once the tourist service has been confirmed by our staff, you must make the total deposit of the services in the bank account that we will inform you.

2.- Alternative methods such as Pay Pal, Transfer Wise or Western Union:

Once the tourist service is confirmed by our staff, we will send an informative for the sending of money, the payments by this means involve extra transaction expenses and must be absorbed by the payer.

3.-Face-to-face payments, can be with cash or with a credit card. (These services may vary for various reasons and our company reserves the right to receive or to allow these formats at all times)

Some ayments by credit card, could have a surcharge of 2.5% (operating costs) please contac tus before for any inquieries.



Once the full payment of the tourist services has been received, we will send an electronic voucher via e-mail, which must be printed and presented to each of the services included (hotels, guides, transportation, etc.).



Once the customer receives confirmation of the services requested by a member of our company, it will require a booking deposit or full payment of services to ensure the availability of the requested service. The total payment or the balance must be received at least 15 days before the date of arrival of the passenger. In the event that the service is not paid within these deadlines, there will be no security to maintain the reservation, and this will be canceled.

Important: Some hotels can be paid directly by credit card of the customer, before the date of arrival.



Cancellation fees per passenger prior to arrival are as follows.

*** Important: There will be no refund for unused portions of services.

Note: There are special cancellation policies for some agencies and hotels. There is no refund for unused tourist services.




Except in the case of extenuating extenuating circumstances, no refund will be made for any service not received from the tour. Please see our liability limit on this page. For verifiable claims to be taken into account, they must be received in writing within 30 days after the end of the tour and be accompanied by documentation and / or a statement from the company organizing the tour certifying the claim. No adjustment will be made for the non-use of meal services and visits to places of interest. chillhostel.cl / chill-atacama.com will not accept any liability for any claim not received within 30 days of the end of your visit.





chillhostel.cl located in Santiago de Chile, is an intermediate company of goods and / or services offered to its customers. Its task is to offer tourist services offering accommodation (hotels) and tour operators.

This company neither assumes nor assumes the control of suppliers for which it is not responsible and can not be held responsible for any death, delay, loss, damage, injury, accident, acts of terrorism or related to verifications for acts of terrorism, natural disasters irregularity that the customer or his property may suffer due to any event or negligence of an individual or the company to which the services were entrusted. This company reserves the right to accept or refuse any entity or any of its services or products offered, or to cancel or modify any of these services if any cause threatens this company. The approval and acceptance of the services offered by chillhostel.cl / chill-atacama.com will be related to the acceptance of the conditions described above

chillhostel.cl / chill-atacama.com reserves the right to adjust the prices in dollars without notice, to reflect the fluctuations of the currency markets. chillhostel.cl / chill-atacama.com also reserves the right to withdraw all or part of a trip, change the itinerary when it seems necessary or appropriate, refuse to accept or retain as a member of the trip any person is responsible to the members of the tour for any expense or loss caused by delays or events beyond their control. Confirmation or payment of the cost of the tour constitutes acceptance of the general conditions mentioned here and in the specific documentation prior to the tour of the passenger, including the booking confirmation form.